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Run in andthe courses analyzed drew upon diverse topics — from Mit research papers Greek poetry to electromagnetism — and an array of disciplines, from public health to engineering to law. It also appears in the appendix of my book.

In open-world settings, Var-CNN attains higher true positive rate and lower false positive rate than any prior work at Next, we consider positivity phenomena, studying how testing the signs of certain circular minors can be used to determine if a given network response matrix is associated with a particular equivalence class.

Annotated Powerpoint SlidesThe notes plus the slides describe the SpecTRM tools and environment for building complex safety-critical systems. As educators, we also value research as a potent form of learning by doing.

A total ofregistrants 33 percent reported a high-school education or less; 45, 6. This paper takes multiple important steps towards filling in these gaps. This paper describes the approach we developed to perform a preliminary risk evaluation to use in the trade studies by MIT and Draper Laboratory for concept evaluation and refinement of the new NASA Space Exploration Initiative.

This paper shows a sample intent specification for an industrial robot designed to service the heat resistant tiles on the Space Shuttle. Our results have applications in various mathematical fields, such as complex analysis, number theory, and dynamical systems.

November 12, Innovative approach to controlling magnetism could lead to next-generation memory and logic devices. In addition, accidents will not be prevented by technological fixes alone, but will require control of all aspects of the development and operation of the system.

November 7, At its annual alumni reception, CEE faculty shared innovative research projects ranging from machine learning to regional impacts of climate change.

Recently, Deligne proposed a new way to study the representation theory of finite groups by generalizing the collection of representations of a sequence of groups indexed by positive integer rank to an arbitrary complex rank, creating an abelian tensor category.

Course completion rates, often seen as a bellwether for MOOCs, can be misleading and may at times be counterproductive indicators of the impact and potential of open online courses.

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You choose two points on this segment at random. When coupled with the additional requirement of limiting cost, the task of implementing fault protection on spacecraft becomes extremely challenging. Finally, we computationally analyze the pattern-replacement equivalences given by sets of pairs of patterns of length four.

November 27, Carl Wunsch continues to expand his foundational framework for understanding the behavior of worldwide oceans as a whole. Our method is particularly useful for PDEs for which anisotropic mesh elements are beneficial and we demonstrate it with a Navier--Stokes simulation.

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We are at the beginning of an exciting effort to understand how people learn and how to educate well and effectively at scale. The development and evaluation approach proposed is based on the principle that critical properties must be designed into a system from the start.

A longer and more technically detailed paper on SDA than the one above.

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They are less useful for explaining accidents in software-intensive systems and for non-technical aspects of safety such as organizational culture and human decision-making.

Code for our method can be found at this URL. We prove a new edge bound for arc k-visibility graphs, provide maximal constructions for arc and semi-arc k-visibility graphs, and give a complete characterization of semi-arc visibility graphs. The general design of a conflict detection function currently being evaluated by Eurocontrol is being used as the testbed for the methodology, alghouth the details differ somewhat.

September 5, MIT researchers develop inexpensive way to perform full lifecycle analysis of design choices as buildings are being planned.

September 5, Scientists find a theoretical optical device may have uses in quantum computing. The methodology is supported by a new specification structuring approach, called Intent Specifications, that supports traceability and documentation of design rationale as the development process proceeds.

August 29, By training on patients grouped by health status, neural network can better estimate if patients will die in the hospital. Published by Addison Wesley The aim of this project is to create automated assessment of neuronal segmentation algorithms, enabling their iterative improvement.

Using data on publicly traded stocks, we track the performance of 1, biopharmaceutical companies from to —the most comprehensive financial analysis of this sector to date. Learners are in control.

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The reports note that many faculty encouraged learners to participate in the course experiences in whatever ways they found useful, whether or not that involved trying to earn a certificate. However, most of these works rely on manually extracted features, and thus are fragile: For two of these we present full proofs of the enumeration and for the third we suggest a potential future method of proof.

This paper describes one of the Safeware hazard analysis techniques, Software Deviation Analysis, that incorporates the beneficial features of HAZOP such as guidewords, deviations, exploratory analysis, and a systems engineering approach into an automated procedure that is capable of handling the complexity and logical nature of computer software.

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We are updating this page so please check back again (and often) for the newest and the latest in linguistics research at MIT. research paper - Artists may soon have at their disposal a CSAIL-developed tool that creates digital graphics more quickly and easily.

The tool aids automation of image vectorization, a technique that converts pixel-based images into line drawings. Full story Join us in building a better world. Below are selected research papers, presentations, and theses on Scratch and the Scratch online community, followed by a list of National Science Foundation grants awarded to support Scratch.

Research Papers & Presentations. MIT Media Lab. Brennan, K., and Resnick, M.

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(). Aug 23,  · Topic Research. News Search Form (Research) Search for Articles: Subscribe to RSS. 1 - 20 of Articles Massachusetts Institute of Technology • Cambridge, MA The goal of the MIT Center for Digital Business publication archive is to bring together global companies, leading researchers, and some of the best students in the world, in understanding the business value that can be created by the productive use of digital technologies through a dynamic interchange of ideas, analysis, and reflection.

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